Final Fantasy VII remake announced and hell just froze over

Wow, if you had asked me if this remake was going to be a thing just one week ago, I would have said nope. You can imagine the shock that came over me when this trailer popped up. Being that I’m playing through the PS1 original FFVII for the first time this summer, this is the strangest coincidence. I’m still reeling.

That being said, I have to wonder what this remake will be like. Will the remake be a carbon copy of the original just with realistic character models, full three-dimensional environments as opposed to pre-rendered ones, and voice acting? Or will they toss out much of the original game mechanics such as the turn-based battle system? I hope the remake follows the path of the DS reimagining of Final Fantasy IV, where they kept the core gameplay mechanics the same, but also updated the graphics, added new elements to the battle systems (ex. augments), and tinkered with the strategies of several bosses.

The one thing I know I’m psyched about is that we have to be getting a new translation. The original game’s American localization is riddled with grammatical errors and mistranslations which muddle the storyline.

Oh and cross-dressing Cloud in high definition. That will be awesome.


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