No I’m not dead

How I feel right now

How I feel right now

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates. This holiday season has not been so rosy what with general end of the semester insanity, my first successful Nanowrimo attempt (yay!), and my grandfather suffering from pneumonia  (not so yay, though he is improving, thank God), so things have generally been insane. However, fear not my thirty-something amount of followers! There will be posts and blogathons coming your way soon.

2 thoughts on “No I’m not dead

  1. Hi..I signed up to follow you blog, but after getting just a couple of episodes I disconnected. So this may not get to you. I thought I would tell you why as a “heads up”. The format at the start is too wide a lay-out. You should consider a format in narrower columns. It’s too difficult to scan your eyes across an entire sacreen to get your message. Check out “Movies Silently” for a sample. That lady’s screen is easier to read. Hope this is a “helpful suggestion”. Maybe I’ll come back to you if I see any changes. Thanks for your comments on the movies.


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