McTeague goes to the opera

Fans of (both) Frank Norris’s 1899 novel McTeague and its more (in)famous 1924 film adaptation Greed will get a kick out of this trailer for a recent opera adaptation. The staging looks interesting, quite expressionistic in its lighting and abstract qualities. I would love to watch a full version.


5 thoughts on “McTeague goes to the opera

  1. TOTALLY. I’m a huge fan of McTeague and am therefore fascinated by Greed. Set designs do look Expressionistic, very cool. I can see why they went with costumes that aren’t period accurate, although I kinda wish they were kept more Victorian–half of the reason I love McTeage is for its incredible period details. Wouldn’t mind seeing the full version myself, though!

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    • I’m guessing they went with more 1910s/1920s costumes because the film has eclipsed the book? Kind of like in A Clockwork Orange: in the book, Alex and the other teens dress in a mix of 1960s and Romantic era fashions, while in the Kubrick film we have the weird white suspenders and bowler hat get-up that is much more famous in the mind of the public.

      I don’t know. Though in the film Greed, don’t the background actors dress in 1920s fashions while the leads stick more to Victorian/Edwardian wear? Interesting.


      • I haven’t watched Greed super recently but will soon, since I’ll be writing about it for one of the coming blogathons. (Yay!! 🙂 ) I think the main actors looked how they were described in Norris’s novel–not sure about the extras. Will have to keep my eyes open!

        Here’s a story–a couple years ago I was visiting friends in North Carolina and we stopped at a used book store. Quite randomly, I saw a copy of McTeague, and remembered that it was the book Greed was based on (its cover has a still from it, too!). I thought eh, why not, and bought it. Research purposes, you see. Useful. Well, the rest of the trip I found myself peeking at it, reading it before bed, reading it on the plane ride home–could not put it down! Right now I’m reading it for, err, the 4th-5th time. It gets so freakin’ dark, but it’s still so good…! Can totally see why von Stroheim just HAD to film it. 😀


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