Happy 117th to Lotte Reiniger!

Lotte Reiniger is one of the pioneers of animated cinema, well-known for her detailed silhouette animation. Her 1926 feature film The Adventures of Prince Achmed is the earliest surviving animated feature and remains one of the gems of silent film fantasy. Later on, she stuck more to a shorter format with her fairy tale adaptations, as she did in the early 1920s. Above is her 1922 adaptation of Cinderella. Just look how lovely it is!

2 thoughts on “Happy 117th to Lotte Reiniger!

  1. The Adventures of Prince Achmed is breathtaking. I was so happy TCM showed it. Thank you for sharing this gem as well. Animation fascinates me, especially work like this and other stop motion animation where you can only marvel at the level of planning and work put into. A movie like Coraline, when I stop and think about it, exhausts me. That passion is amazing.


    • Absolutely my friend! I love the sheer amount of effort and detail that went into Achmed. You can sense the love in every frame. Animation is so underappreciated by the general film fan community. Like silent film, it cannot be viewed as a lesser form of sound live action. Both animation and silent cinema emphasize the unreality of film, the fantastical and dreamlike side of this wondrous art. Thank you for commenting!


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