Happy 73rd to Malcolm McDowell

I just realized this morning that it’s Malcolm McDowell’s 73rd birthday! One of my favorite actors of all time, he’s the sort who can make even the worst movie worth a look (see the woefully mangled Caligula). Being swamped with summer course work at the moment, I have not been able to keep up with the old blog as much as I would like to, so I’ll just share two McDowell-related videos with you that are favorites of mine, one with substance and one that’s a little more frivolous.

Here’s a nice interview from 2014 where McDowell discusses some of his performances in his most famous movies: If…., Time After Time, Caligula, and of course, A Clockwork Orange. I love listening to him talk; great sense of humor and lots of cool anecdotes.

And of course, there’s no denying he has one of the best screams in the business. Even Fay Wray would be impressed:

Anyways, happy 73rd Mr. McDowell, you’re one of a kind!

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