I’m baaack– kind of

Well, it’s been half a decade since I’ve haunted WordPress, hasn’t it?

What a wild five years it’s been.

To be honest, I’ve been cutting back on social media in general, both for my mental health and so I can concentrate on other interests. However, I still enjoy posting about old movies, so I don’t plan on totally jumping ship, either here or on that dreaded hellsite Tumblr.

So what does that mean for this blog? Well, I plan on posting blogathon posts here. Let’s face it: WordPress is better suited than Tumblr for longer-form content. Easier on the eyes.

So yep, look for my upcoming contribution to the Silent Movie Day blogathan here! I plan on writing about the top-grossing movies of 1921. Check out Silentology and In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood blogs for the full line-up– or to sign up yourself!

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