I’m just a classic movie blog in a sea of classic movie blogs.

I first got into old movies when I was fifteen years old. It was something I just fell into– at the time, I was rediscovering a childhood love of the history of Disney animation and that evolved into learning about the live-action films which influenced old Walt and his team. This led me to 1920s and 1930s Hollywood, and sent me hurtling into the greater world of movie history in general.

This blog mainly focuses on movies made between the silent era and the 1960s, roughly the chunk of time classic movie fans are drawn to as a whole. Of course, even in a niche fandom like this, we all have our special interests. Some mainly love pre-code movies, noir, musicals, Universal horror, certain stars, or particular decades, and thus choose to focus on one or two classic movie related topics.

I wish I had the laser-focus certain blogs do, but– nah, I don’t. I’m not disciplined enough for that and tend to dive into whatever weird thing strikes my fancy at any given moment. I do have special interests like anyone, though, so here are the topics you’re most likely to see on this website:

  • Silent film
  • Early talkies
  • Horror movies and thrillers
  • Connections between classic films and theater
  • Animation, particularly classic Disney animation or older anime
  • Classic movie adaptations of books, pulp, or plays
  • The impact of particular classic movies or personalities on modern culture
  • Film music
  • The ever-changing tastes of movie audiences throughout the decades
  • They way movies reflect the time and culture in which they were made

I also regularly participate in blogathons, mainly as a way of interacting with the rest of the classic movie fandom online.

Hope you enjoy reading and don’t be nervous about leaving comments.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, my sister and I are hosting The Universal Pictures Blogathon from Oct. 29th-Oct. 31st on our blog Silver Scenes and would like to invite you to participate in the event. We would send you an email invitation but we couldn’t find your email address on your site! If you can participate please stop by Silver Scenes ( silverscenesblog.blogspot.com ) and let us know. We’re harmless…we’re INFP personalities too. 😉


  2. Fascinating read. I knew a bit of this from my mother and grandmother. H.B. was my great-grandfather. Heard a few stories, should have cataloged them better. Thank you for the article.


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